Beer Report 2007

16 November, 2007

Rain, rain, rain. All the major brewers are blaming this year's stagnant beer sales on the weather - they climbed just 0.3 per cent by value, well behind inflation, and 0.8 per cent by volume, which only goes to show that deep discounting continues unabated.

There are no surprises at the top of the league table - Stella Artois is still a head and shoulders above the rest with a 16 per cent share of the total beer market, despite losing 5 per cent of its value, although brewer InBev will be hoping to reverse that trend with its new ad campaign.

And it is not the only supplier making moves to recoup sales over Christmas and get 2008 off to a better start. Guinness is hoping to push sales with a new ad campaign with online back-up, while 2007 has seen brewers come out with more andmore innovative ways to drive sales - from Heineken's Draughtkeg, Foster's self-chilling keg and Carlsberg's Draughtmaster to Scottish & Newcastle UK's occasion-based category plan and a pledge from Coors to revamp beer's image in the off-trade, whatever the weather.

Off-trade market value

Week ending Oct 6 2007:


Week ending Oct 7 2006:




Source: Nielsen GB off-trade year to Oct 6 2007

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