16 November, 2007

Is it true retailers in the north east are more miserable than elsewhere in the country?

"That's spot on! But I personally don't have a negative outlook, I enjoy my job. I've been doing it forever



no plans to stop."

Beepa Purba

Wine Cellar

Newcastle upon Tyne

"Very much so - what have we got to be positive about? Supermarkets are taking our eyeballs out and coming back for the sockets. It's a very difficult trade to be in and it's only getting worse, we can't compete."

Julie Snowball

Hazelbank Wine, Newton Aycliffe, Co


"It sometimes appears that way but I for one enjoy my job. Whatever I'm doing I'm quite happy . Maybe I'm different from all the other retailers in the north east."

Harjienber Chahal

Harry's Wine & Spirits

North Shields

"My job is good fun and I haven't got a negative approach . I like meeting people and getting that one-to-one with customers. "

Adele Neofotas

Westgate Wine Stores Haltwhistle, Northumberland

"No, I like my job. We're no different to retailers anywhere else in the country. I've been doing this for years and I'm certainly not miserable."

Danny Watt

Wine Bin, Darlington

County Durham

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Reasons to be cheerful

I would like to think my outlook on things is generally optimistic. Perhaps that’s a natural consequence of working with something designed to give pleasure. But recently it has become increasingly difficult to ignore a creeping sense of negativity pervading the British wine trade.

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