Icy reception planned for InBev beers
Published:  30 November, 2007

InBev UK is trialling sub-zero chillers to help independents boost beer sales.

More than 20 Stella Artois and Tennents-branded chillers will be tested for three months in Manchester and Scotland, and InBev plans to roll them out nationwide in 2008.

InBev's Alison Braney said: "Sub-zero chillers keep the beer at an even -4║C - as cold as it can be without it freezing. This means that the beer should still be cold by the time customers get home, which is great because our research shows that 70 per cent of people drink their beer within two hours of buying it.

"It is something that multiple retailers don't always offer because they generally cater for planned purchases, whereas independent shoppers often make impulse and convenience purchases

- for example on their way to a party - so they are looking for beer that is perfectly chilled and ready to drink."

InBev said its research has found that 76 per cent of beer shoppers go straight to the chiller when they call into a small store, and 38 per cent would go elsewhere if chilled beer is not available.

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