Drinks producers praised for promoting responsible drinking

Drinks producers are helping to create “a better, healthier drinking culture” by putting responsible drinking messages on packaging, according to a survey.

The research carried out by the Portman Group with its members, found that the Drinkaware Trust’s website address and responsible drinking messages have appeared on three billion drinks packages and on £150 million worth of advertising in the past year.

The messages, as well as increasing efforts by the industry to include unit information on drinks labels, are believed to be helping cut the number of harmful adult drinkers and 16-24-year-old binge drinkers.

Drinkers are also showing an increasing understanding of alcohol units. In 2004, 83 percent of the population were aware of alcohol units rising to 86 percent in 2006.

Portman chief executive David Poley said: “Producers are improving the nation’s drinking culture by promoting responsible drinking messages across their marketing. This commitment to responsible business and consumer education is helping to create a better, healthier drinking culture.

“Despite falling numbers of binge drinkers, too many people still drink excessively. That’s why our member companies are investing millions of pounds in the Drinkaware Trust to educate more people about sensible drinking.”

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