25 January, 2008

Do you accept Scottish currency?

"We do, reluctantly, but we never know what they should look like

or if it's a fake. It's generally discouraged by the bank - they

tell us we



people to go and change it. Generally the risk is minimal, we have a bigger problem with fake pound coins."

Attol Cook

Down the Hatch, Bournemouth

"Yes we do. It's up to the individual shop to take it or not, but we're happy to accept Scottish notes."

Jitten Patel

Hillside Wines,

north west London

"We've got no problem with it . It's ridiculous that retailers south of the border refuse to accept Scottish notes - we certainly don't do that."

Charlie Stanley-Evans

Haynes, Hanson & Clark, Cheltenham

"We don't see

much of it but we do accept it. We

don't see much cash full stop - it's generally more credit cards. You have to get a good look at it, but we basically take it without too much fuss."

Stephen Arnold

Garland Wine Cellar, Ashtead, Surrey

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