Quaffs diversifies with Ascot

25 January, 2008

A London off-licensee has bought a Surrey microbrewery.

Chris Gill, owner of the Quaffs beer stall in New Spitalfields Market in the City, has bought Ascot Ales, based in Camberley, from Gerald Farrell, who founded the brewery only last year.

Farrell is staying on

as a consultan t and brewer Tim Meyer is

being retained.

Gill said the move would allow his beer business to diversify, especially

as Quaffs is only allowed to trade three days a week .

"It's really just another string to our bow," said Gill, a former luggage salesman who set up Quaffs last June.

"There are plenty of UK real ales but I wanted ones that stand

out in taste and flavour, which I think they do.

"But it also appealed because it was a brewer with coverage of Surrey and Berkshire, and known by people who worked in the City.

"It gives me an option to sell the beers myself in London, and with building up networks of contacts in London through the shop there are other opportunities to expand distribution there with freehouses in the on-trade."

Ascot has three bottle-conditioned beers: its flagship Posh Pooch ale (4.2 per cent abv); the "American style" Alligator Ale (4.6 per cent); and Anastasia's Exile Stout (5 per cent).

Gill said he hoped to add a German style hefeweisse to the range this year.

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