Catalan favourite comes to the UK
Published:  25 January, 2008

A lager championed by the beer drinkers of Catalonia is being brought to the UK for the first time.

London-based Milestone Point has begun importing Moritz, which was first brewed in Barcelona in 1856, but was only revived in 2004 after the brewery went bust in the 1970s.

The beer

is coveted by Catalan drinkers as an antidote to the brands that come into the fiercely independent-thinking region from the rest of Spain.

Milestone Point's James Morgan said: "We spotted it while we were out and about in Barcelona and it seemed to fit in with what we were looking for.

"It's retained a place in Catalan people's affections because it's seen as the local brand that's not got big national connotations."

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