Bordeaux starts eco study

French wine body, the CIVB has commissioned a study to measure the impact Bordeaux’s wine trade has on the environment.

The study, known as the Bilan Carbone, will assess the amount of greenhouse gas emissions generated by activities involved in winemaking including vine growing, vinification, bottling and storage.

A panel, comprising members of the wine trade and the Chamber of Agriculture, winegrowers, suppliers, scientists and academics will be asked to collect data for the study, by looking closely at the trade’s daily practices.

The CIVB said it was not seeking a definitive conclusion from the results, but said it was “essential” to start looking at the trade’s ecological impact. It said the study would “take into account the quality and imperatives of Bordeaux wines.”

Also in Bordeaux, wine packaging company, Winebox has begun the second stage of its tree planting programme.

The company will plant 19,000 trees on 33 acres of its land in Bordeaux to help reduce its carbon footprint.

This latest round of planting, which raises the number of trees planted to 29,000 will mean approximately 319 tonnes of CO2 can be absorbed per year.