Gadsby is no hero in the Oddbins saga

08 February, 2008

Why oh why is the resignation of Andy Gadsby being heralded as some sort of success on his part? Oddbins has gone from being "the" high street wine retailer to a joke under his fearless leadership.

Except this isn't funny . While he and his other "high profile" head office team get to resign, there are people stacking shelves who are, from my experience, twice as passionate and far too well -trained (before the training department were all sacked) to be earning 12 grand a year working 40 hour weeks in central London.

The disregard with which the great Oddbins floor staff have been treated, and the bad management in the company, should go down in GCSE casebooks as how not to run a


By all means jump on the bandwagon and blame Castel

(I'll save you a seat) but don't ignore the failings of the people who have been there all along.

Either the likes of Andy Gadsby were working with full knowledge of the system of random closures, Nicolas cherry-picking and indiscriminate redundancy or they should have been, neither of which deserves praise.

I myself "escaped" Oddbins in search of a better paid job. I wouldn't expect to be treated as a hero or an intellectual for taking that obvious step.

Richard Cooper

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