Bock dropped in favour of oak-aged Eiken

22 February, 2008

InBev UK is replacing Artois Bock with Eiken Artois, a 4.6 per cent abv lager that is aged in oak. The brew will be released in 4x33cl bottles in March.

InBev said it had developed "special oak-ageing technology" to expose the beer to oak as it matures, and hopes

it will appeal to fans of more premium beers.

Take-home retail managing director Steve McAllister said: "The use of oak

ageing - something that is relatively new for lager brewing but is well established in winemaking - brings complexity through its depth of flavours, rather than bitterness, and that will attract both men and women to the brand. The new sales impetus created by Eiken Artois will help to add value to the category ."

The brewer has promised a "heavyweight" advertising campaign in national press and magazines this summer, and hopes the brand will benefit from the Pass on Something Good TV ad campaign . InBev will also offer retailers point -of -sale materials

and has recommended that Eiken should be marketed alongside fellow Artois brands Stella and Peeterman.

There are also hopes that the launch will revitalise

flagging sales of top beer brand Stella Artois, by

giving it a halo effect from its more specialised stablemates


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