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22 February, 2008

It's mid -February now, fantasy footballers, which means the season is about to enter its third and final furlong. In the premiership, written -off pre-season Arsenal now lead the table by five points - helped in no uncertain terms by their new talisman Emmanuel Adebayor, who has been passed the baton from Cesc F Óbregas and is now scoring goals for fun. The fantasy football table itself tells a story with four men in the running for the coveted title

- and only three months of the season left to go. Non-retailer Jack Hibberd leads the pack but can't win the trophy, so its down to James Gillespie, Chaiya Namasa and Uday Lal to battle it out. Unless one of our retail dark horses charges forth from the back of the field


Manager of the Month

January is a strange month. Not only is everyone depressed and sales slow after New Year, but the top four FFL managers of the month do n 't have a chance of winning the crate of Carlsberg -

because they are not retailers. So

a very happy Adam Townsley from independent Ten Acre Wines in Essex is our manager of the month for January. Adam

made some big decisions in the last few weeks, shifting the value of his team around to get Ronaldo involved - and the Brazilian has

garnered 18 points for him. But the real key for Adam could be how Benjani performs at his new club, Manchester City.

Top 50 managers for January

1 Nigel Huddleston The Swindon Lot 104

2 Ged Lowry Last to be picked 100

3 Aldo Palmieri Bins United 92

4 Daniel Taylor Third Party Manager 91

5 Joanna Dent Jokky Athletic2 88

6 Adam Townley Ipswich Townley FC 87

7 Russell Dymond R udd Town FC 86

8 Peter Gillen Designated Drinkers 86

9 Scott Ashton Hungry Hungry Hippos 85

10 Stu Taylor Arsenal 84

11 Samantha Briney Briney's Bunch 84

12 Jack Hibberd Matchstick Men 84

13 Andrew Sadd Peatlings Plodders 83

14 Martin Platts Vinmouth City 83

15 Adrian Gillen Ade's Army 83

16 Ersan Nihat Cool Country FC 82

17 Tony Giles Gilesy's No Stars 80

18 Chaiya Namasa Made in Thailand 07 80

19 Simon Dugdale Dougie Dugdale 80

20 Carl Taylor *MEGA STARS* 80

21 Russell Thurbon

Mid Table Season Again 80

22 David Kenyon Red Devils 79

23 Ashvin Lal D's United 79

24 Glen Phillips Spinertia Lokomotiv 79

25 Mathew Evans Half Time Bovril 78

26 Kully Bains Wagstarz XXX 78

27 Sharon Laker Shaz's Superstars 78

28 Alex Kitchener Yogurt Peddlers United 77

29 Matt Johnston The Arse 77

30 Richard Head Victoria Wine

Old Boys X1 76

31 Guv Sandhu Singh is King 76

32 Isla Barber Goldan Blacks 75

33 Nicky Robertson Robertson's in a Jam 75

34 Simon Atkinson Atkinson Stanley 75

35 David Keareny DK Utd 75

36 Martin Bove Athletico Calatayud 75

37 Simon Hughes OohICouldCrushAGrape 75

38 Simon Bance Spurs for 4th place


Probably 74

39 Matthew Rhodes Thai PM's XI 74

40 Daniel Lindsay Once Bitten Twice

Shy FC 74

41 Veronica Wall Vera's Legends


42 James Cole The Big Guns 73

43 Andrew Durham Durham's Destroyers 73

44 Thomas Holt Schminky Pinky

Bang Bang 72

45 Maurice Caruana ScouseMagic 72

46 James Raffoul The Broadfoot Beaters 72

47 Matt Harris Titus Bramble is rubbish 72

48 Will Broadfoot Team Goat 71

49 Stuart Shenton Odd Athletic 71

50 Adam Fenton I am Spartacus 71

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