Fake vodka warning issued

12 March, 2008

Drinks retailers in and around Sandwell, West Midlands, are being warned to check their stock after Trading Standards found bottles of counterfeit Glen’s vodka on sale in a number of stores.

The 70cl bottles were seized after tests revealed they contained higher levels of methanol than normal.

Although the levels are not at a harmful level, the Food Standards Agency has advised people not to drink the spirit.

Sandwell council’s deputy Trading Standards manager Bob Charnley said: “So far we have not found a huge number of bottles, but the intelligence indicates that there is more out there and that Sandwell is one of a number of hotspots across the country.

“Retailers have a responsibility to check their shelves and remove any bottles about which they have doubts.”

Charnley said drinks retailers found selling the counterfeit spirit would be asked to provide information on where the vodka was purchased.

Legitimate Glen’s vodka is only supplied in Allied Glass Containers bottles with a small AGC logo on the base where there is also the following information embossed: 70cl 58 mm ‘ C1 2173.

Bottles found to be counterfeit so far have had the following codes embossed on the glass:

SE607 700ml 66mm

8509 700ml 66mm

7828 700ml 66mm

The front and back labels on the counterfeit bottles also appear to be self-adhesive. Genuine Glen’s vodka labels are applied by a labelling machine using a wet adhesive which produces a distinctive glue pattern on the back of the label.

Drinks retailers who suspect they have been sold counterfeit vodka should call Trading Standards on 0845 359 7522.

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