Franchisees' anger at deliveries in 'meltdown'

04 April, 2008

Thresher franchisees are complaining about stock shortages after the group changed its distribution and delivery arrangements.

Easter sales were badly disrupted in some areas, staff have said, following teething problems after the contract switched from Trade Team to Christ ian Salvesen.

"The whole order and delivery process went into meltdown," one franchisee told OLN. "Franchisees who rely on this process were left high and dry.

"Some stores received half the wine and spirits ordered and no beer - some received beer and no wine. Thresher diverted any queries to Christian Salvesen - they were not able to tell stores if they were going to receive an order or even if one had left the depot."

Another franchisee said: "All you hear from the management is 'teething problems'. You plan for a delivery as promised and have extra staff on duty and still no goods arrive. It really is disgraceful the way we are all treated."


third manager added: "We have just had a 40%-off offer and the shelves are empty. How are we meant to fill them with 31 cases of wine and spirits when we ordered 160?"

A Thresher spokesperson said: "We continue to experience initial delivery disruption in the wake of the large-scale transition to our new distribution operation. We are working closely with Christian Salvesen to resolve these issues as soon as possible."

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