Newquay scheme cuts down antisocial drinking problems

04 April, 2008

'Banned From One, Banned From All' closes every door to troublemakers

Police in Newquay have seen a "significant drop" in the number of cases of antisocial drinking since joining forces with drinks retailers in the town.

The Banned From One, Banned From All scheme was set up by the police in Newquay in association with the town's 17 off-licences, convenience stores and supermarkets last June to support drinks retailers

in dealing with troublemakers.

Retailers whose stores are targeted by antisocial customers

can report individuals to the police, who promise to investigate . If someone is

persistently causing a nuisance, police will send them

a letter explaining they are banned from buying alcohol

anywhere in the town and warning they could be hit with an Antisocial Behaviour Order if they continue.

Newquay police community support officer Pete Sobye came up with the idea after working on a similar scheme in nearby Truro.

He said: "We have a scheme in pubs, but we had nothing for off-licences.

"Since we've run it, off-licences have seen a significant drop in the number of under-age drinkers and in the number of people buying alcohol for young people. We've

got a homeless fraternity here , but street drinking has virtually disappeared."

Drinks retailers are issued with folders showing photos of the people who are banned from buying alcohol, and all meet once a month with police to discuss issues affecting their business.

Sobye said: "It's going very well. Off-licences have been pro the scheme because they are fed up with people trying to buy alcohol for kids and people causing trouble in the town."

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