Staff close ranks around Thresher open door policy

18 April, 2008

Thresher staff and green campaigners have slammed the group's new open door policy


wasting energy.

Managers have been told to keep the shop door open at all times during trading hours, but

staff are having to turn the heating on full

to stop

themselves and customers getting cold, according to workers who have contacted OLN.

One said: "Several customers have raised issues concerning the effect this will have on the environment due to heaters blasting away at full pelt to prevent staff from freezing ." He added

shoppers are "reluctant to browse" because of " low temperatures and draughty conditions" .

Another said

having the

door open all day has created more work

because of " dirt flying in off the main road".

Staff have also raised concerns that shops will get too hot in the summer because air conditioning systems won't work effectively if doors are kept open.

Siān Berry, the London mayoral candidate for the Green Party,

said: "Shops use almost three times as much electricity per square metre as commercial offices. The open door policy and high-powered doorway fan heaters are a big contributor .

"It's sad to see resources wasted on something nobody wants. It does not make anyone's life easier or more comfortable to have shops heating the air over London, but rising fuel prices and climate change do cause real hardship. Customers would really appreciate it if stores could do something as simple and sensible as keeping their doors closed or, better still for the larger chains, installing well-fitted revolving doors. "

A Thresher Group spokesman said the open door policy is in place

to make shops welcoming and accessible.

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