Carlsberg creates new brew for Tesco

30 May, 2008

Carlsberg has set its sights on the mid-strength lager market with the roll-out of a 2.6% abv spin-off in Tesco.

Branded simply as Carlsberg Mid-Strength, the beer will offer a challenge to Carling C2, which weighs in at a slightly lower 2% abv.

Exclusive to Tesco, the beer was developed in response to a request by the retailer for more reduced-gravity brews. A spokesman for Carlsberg said: "The launch was driven by Tesco identifying a shift towards people drinking in moderation. They have created a no and low-alcohol fixture in stores, and they have highlighted this as a key driver for growth. It's about customers who want to limit their intake, but [it] has the same taste profile as [standard] Carlsberg."

The beer is sold in packs of four 27.5cl bottles with a £2.99 price tag. The brewer said there were currently no plans to introduce it to the on-trade.

Unique to the UK market, the launch means there are now three versions of Carlsberg available. The newcomer sits alongside the standard 3.8% abv product and Carlsberg Export at 5% abv.

David Wigham, Portfolio Activation Director for Coors UK, said: "Carlsberg's decision to test this market with a mid-strength product is another encouraging sign that this beer segment is gathering momentum. My challenge to any brand owners deciding to enter this segment is to ensure the product really delivers - we must ensure the mid-strength beer segment keeps building momentum based on great consumer experiences."

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