On a gender bender?

30 May, 2008

You can't underestimate the importance of being greeted by a friendly face. No such luck for bemused LIWF visitors clambering off the train at Custom House, who were treated to one of the most

bizarre responsible drinking campaigns we have ever seen. A poster from

Drug & Alcohol Abuse for London warns: "If you drink like a man, you might end up looking like one," accompanied by the image of what can only be described as a drag queen in badly-applied blue eyeshadow. Think you would look hotter than that? Well, if any of our female readers have ever wondered what they would look like if they were a man, thanks to DASL you can quell your curiosity, by logging on with a picture to bebo.com and

it'll reveal all. But don't surprised if the image staring back at you is still in full lippy and eyeliner.

Better late than ... oh ...

A desk-bound colleague was chuffed to receive a last-minute jolly-along to the wine fair from Will Broadfoot, of LIWF organiser Brintex. Alas, the email invitation for a "last chance visit" arrived at approaching 11pm - six hours after the exhibition closed.

Weather watcher

It's funny what you can learn about people when you Google them. An OLN hack checking out Constellation Europe president Troy Christensen's job title ­discovered the drinks company big shot has an unforecast hobby. "Troy Christensen is the weekend meteorologist for KLBK," reveals website everythinglubbock.com. "Like many television meteorologists, Troy has had a passion for weather from a young age. Some of his first weather-related memories included reading about clouds and taking daily rainfall measurements. Troy is excited to be in the South Plains, where he can put his forecasting and severe weather knowledge to good use. Feel free to contact Troy at troy@klbk.com!"

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