Suso pure fizzy fruit first

13 June, 2008

Suso has created what it claims to be Britain's first additive-free, carbonated, 100% fruit juice drink.

Aimed at younger drinkers, the company said that Suso offers a genuine choice to consumers in a market long dominated by multinational brands such as Pepsi and Coke.

The brand is headed by former Red Bull managing director Harry Drnec, Sean Uprichard, previously head of marketing for rival brand Relentless, and Andrew King, who is also chief executive of fruit purée label Funkin.

"With the experience of working for top brands in the soft, energy and smoothie drinks market, we were all aware that there was a definite lack of choice - particularly from British-owned brands - when you get to the carbonated drinks aisles," Uprichard said.

The brand will be backed by a heavyweight marketing campaign that will include a blog site - - where consumers can post their own material, such as street art and travel writing. It is available in 25cl cans, with a retail price of 90p.

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