Cockburn's unveils website to lift port sales

24 June, 2008

Cockburnís is to launch its first website next month as part of a £2m campaign to capture younger consumersí interest in port.

Cockburnís, the UK market leader, will combine the launch of with a new campaign to show how port can accompany modern lifestyles.

Port sales have struggled in the UK over recent years as consumer enthusiasm for fortified wines in general has waned. Many port houses in their native Douro Valley have begun producing light wines in order to broaden their portfolios.

Cockburnís brand manager Janice Moorfield said: ďAs the UKís number one port, it is our responsibility to lead the port category into the 21st Century and encourage consumers to enjoy port on a variety of occasions, not just after a formal dinner with cheese.Ē

The brandís website will build itself around the slogan ĎA Fine Disregard for the Rulesí, and will suggest different serving ideas, such as Cockburnís Light White port as an aperitif in a long glass with tonic, ice and fresh lemon.

Moorfield said the campaign ďis designed to engage with a younger audience of 30-something men who are interested in quality food and wine matchingĒ.

A competition on the website offers consumers the chance of a three-day trip to Douro, in return for 100 words on how they have attempted to drink port differently. The first 1,000 entries will get £2 off their next Cockburnís purchase.

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