Sainsbury's revamps look
Published:  27 June, 2008

Sainsbury's has launched the first

wine in its repackaged own-label range - a Hungarian Pinot Grigio.

The redesign aims to give the range a consistent, more premium look, as well as make labels clearer and easier to understand.

It is being soft-launched over the summer, as new vintages and new wines are released, and should be fully implemented by September, wine buyer Daniel Bracegirdle told OLN.

"It's got a much cleaner and more premium-looking front label, and a bit more of a fun, easy-to-interpret back label as well," he said.

"It's got a consistent family feel - all the own-label wines should be very easy to spot as part of a large family, whereas previously the Romanian Pinot Noir and rosÚ looked very different to French, which looked very different again to Californian. Now you can instantly recognise them as part of the same group."

Sainsbury's has divided its 170-strong own-label range into six styles - three for red and three for white - in a bid to make it easier for consumers to understand them. The Hungarian Pinot Grigio will be labelled "crisp and delicate".

Bracegirdle said Hungarian Pinot Grigio is doing particularly well in Sainsbury's because the country can produce good-quality wines at cheaper prices than some other countries - including Italy.

For more on central and eastern European wines - see page 35.

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