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25 July, 2008

How many people have been convicted of alcohol-related offences?

The government is researching alcohol-related crimes as part of its investigation into Alcohol Disorder Zones. Home Office figures show the number of prosecutions for drunkenness have dropped significantly, while successful prosecutions for drink-driving have more than doubled. In 2006, 833 licence

holders were prosecuted and 566 found guilty of offences. In 2002 just 323 were prosecuted, and 220 of them found guilty. In spite of ongoing high-profile anti-drink -driving campaigns, the number of successful prosecutions has gone up slightly since 2002.

Prosecutions for alcohol-related offences

2002 2006


2,510 1,582

Aggravated drunkenness

24,388 14,152

Offences by a licence


220 566

Other liquor law offences

138 624

Causing death by driving while under the 66 65

influence of drink or drugs

Driving after consuming alcohol or drugs

81,433 83,975

Source: Home Office figures for England and Wales

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