05 September, 2008

Are you selling more no and low-alcohol drinks

these days


"I don't stock any. There really isn't a demand . I have certainly found very little demand, and when I took some no-alcohol Beck's in at Christmas it took me weeks to sell it. I do get the odd request but I think no-alcohol wine is a misnomer really. I would rather sell alcoholic wine."

Jim Dawson

Jolly Vintner Too, Bournemouth

"Alcohol-free beer seems to have got quite popular in the

past couple of months. I couldn't tell you why, but I've noticed that sales have gone up. We have got some alcohol-free wines but they don't sell as well as the beer."

Sean Hamill

The Vineyard, Belfast

"Yes, we probably are. We

have Cobra 0.0% and Eisberg no-alcohol wine, which is selling fairly well. I think people are obviously more cautious about drink -driving, so they are taking a bottle of non-alcoholic wine to a party. We have always had a few regulars

who drink non-alcoholic lager - I don't know why, personally. But we are definitely selling more in the past few months."

Dafydd Morris

Cheers Wine Merchants, Swansea

"I don't sell any no-alcohol stuff, but there is a tendency for some people not to want overpowering alcoholic levels in the wine, so they look for something at 11%-12% abv if it is available - but nothing specifically non-alcoholic. I just think alcohol is an important part of a decent wine."

Nick Chadwick


Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire

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