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05 September, 2008

Tobacco consumption

Office of National Statistics figures bear out the downward trend in smoking . Cigarette consumption dropped 15% from 53.9 billion cigarettes in 2003 to 45.7 billion in 2007. Cigars saw a

more dramatic drop of 33% to 602,000kg in the same period, while rolling tobacco has seen 26% growth to 3.6 million kg in 2007. On a monthly basis, cigarette consumption slumped in July 2007 when the smoking ban was introduced, but August's levels were nearly back up to those of June. In January

and February 2008 Brits smoked more cigarettes than

in the same period in 2007, but in March and April they smoked less than

in spring 2007 - so it's anyone's guess whether the credit crunch will


people spending on tobacco, or

drive them outside for a smoke.

How much are we smoking?

Year Cigarettes

Cigars Hand-rolling Other

(million) (000kg) (000kg) (000kg)

2003 53,952 902 2,893 589

2004 52,620 826 3,052 549

2005 50,244 758 3,189 499

2006 48,962 689 3,454 439

2007 45,749 602 3,644 398

Source: Office of National Statistics - tobacco products released for

home consumption

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