Guinness plans ‘world class’ brewery
Published:  11 September, 2008

Diageo has unveiled plans to build its biggest brewery on a site nine miles from the historic Guinness facility at St James’s gate in Dublin.

It has agreed a deal to buy a 73-acre Greenfield site in Leixlip, Co Kildare, where it plans to establish a state-of-the-art brewery by 2013. It will be called the Arthur Guinness Brewery and will occupy a site not far from where the beer’s founder originally brewed before relocating to Dublin.

Diageo will be closing its existing breweries at Dundalk and Kilkenny but said the St James’s Gate brewery – which produces Guinness primarily for the British and Irish markets – would stay operational.

Most of the proposed site will be purchased from the Guinness family, direct descendents of Arthur Guinness. The remaining 23 acres of the site will be purchased, subject to approval, from Kildare County Council.

Brian Duffy, Guinness global brand director and chairman of Diageo Ireland, said: “A new world-class brewery, built in a location with such close historical links and with the full support of the Guinness family, is a remarkable milestone in the life of a remarkable brand and something I feel that only Diageo with its sense of heritage and tradition would do.”

The new brewery will produce Guinness to meet growing export demands and will also brew ales and lagers with a capacity of 5 million hectolitres. The remodelled St James’s Gate will be the second largest brewery in Ireland with a brewing capacity of 3 million hectolitres.

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