17 October, 2008



Great Western Wine,


If you could have three wishes to improve your working day, what would they be?

Everything working as planned - but then I probably wouldn't have a job. A company dining room serving great food. At the moment we fill just about every space with people and wine. Lots of customers always makes me happy.

When you're not working how do

you seek your thrills?

Trying like an idiot to beat my previous best on the rowing machine. Watching Bath play rugby. Most importantly at present, as they won't be at home for much longer, supporting my teenage daughters in their interests -



If you had an extra hour in the

day what would you do with it?

A mixture of more work, another go at the rowing machine

and probably another glass of wine.

What one thing is guaranteed

to make your blood boil?

Age has taught me that getting really annoyed by things doesn't make them better, but

I find

the people who don't try to understand others' points of view most difficult.

What would you recommend to a customer wanting to splash out?

Pinot - unless they're into claret, white


Champagne, malt whisky,

Cognac ...

What's the most unusual thing that has happened in your shop?

A flood, even though we're on a hill.

If you could choose one person to be prime minister, who would it be?

Nelson Mandela.

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise your friends.

I'm not always as confident as I might seem.

If your profits doubled tomorrow how would you spend the money?

Probably on a couple of horses for my daughters.

What are the most underrated and overrated wines in the UK market?

Rieslings are underrated and claret is overrated.

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