14 November, 2008

Should a 'one strike and you're out' rule be applied

to shops found selling alcohol to children


"I can't condone anything in regard to selling to children, but having said that, it is difficult to tell if some people are under 18. In this instance it's a bit nebulous. The rule is too difficult to police, and because judging a person's age is so objective, I think the one strike rule is too harsh."

Phelim McGroarty

Six Wines Eight


"It's not something we've

ever had much of an issue with because we're pretty bloody strict on it. I think in terms of a moral issue, selling alcohol to children does need addressing, but the one strike rule does seem a little strong. If a retailer is regularly flouting the law then action needs to be taken, but it seems a little harsh."

Chris Connolly



"No, it's a little draconian if you ask me. I don't think that having a rule like that is going to stop under-18s buying alcohol or binge-drinking . I can't quite see what it's achieving."

Stuart Rankine

Rankine Fine Wines


"It's pretty severe. I think shops should get one warning and an on-the-spot fine, and the second time they offend they should have their licence revoked. But the first time is a little draconian. The government polices it well enough as it is. This rule doesn't seem thought out at all."

Mark Archer



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