OLN takes fight to No10 - text us now

25 March, 2009

Off Licence News will be taking the trade’s fight against tax hikes to Downing Street next week.

Le Beast Wines has secured access to march on Number 10 through its Pound a Bottle campaign and will be presenting views from consumers that duty is too high.

OLN editor Rosie Davenport will be joining them to present details of the number of text votes we have received for our Tax: Enough is Enough campaign on Tuesday.

OLN’s campaign was launched to give retailers and their customers the chance to put pressure on the government not to heap more duty on alcohol in April’s Budget.

Ahead of next Tuesday’s event, we are urging the trade to give us its support.

On page 12 of this week’s issue, we have printed a poster explaining the

disproportionate amount consumers pay in tax, for retailers to put up in

store and encourage shoppers to send us a text to voice their view that

the Chancellor already takes enough.

Over 1,000 readers and consumers have already responded – help us to put more pressure on the government by asking customers to text ‘ENOUGH’ to 82055.

And whether you’re a retailer or supplier, please send us a text, too – every one counts.

OLN will not make any profit, but mobile phone providers will charge the cost of a standard text – about 10p.

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