WOSA goes on a summer holiday

Wines of South Africa will be on the buses this summer when it takes a new consumer marketing campaign on tour to eight cities around the UK.

The Great South African Wine Trail is a carbon neutral branded double decker bus which will take leading South African wines to consumers as well as teaching them about conservation initiatives in the Cape and introducing winemakers to local media.

The tour kicks off at the London wine fair on May 13, and will spend two and a half weeks travelling around the UK to cities including Edinburgh and Brighton.

UK market manager Jo Mason said: "The aim of the campaign is to bring South African wine to life for UK wine drinkers, allowing them to taste the wide variety of wines the Cape has to offer, while developing a better understanding of the commitment the South African wine industry has to protecting the natural environment in which it grows wine – in particular to protecting and restoring the Cape Floral Kingdom.

"We expect the Great South African Wine Trail to reach over a million consumers, through PR and events."