Eire avoids drink tax rise

14 April, 2009

The Republic of Ireland has not raised taxes on alcohol in an emergency Budget announced last week, amid fears a tax hike would lose the government revenue.

Finance minister Brian Lenihan said: “There is no scope for increases in excise duties on alcohol or petrol because of the substantial risk of loss of revenue by the purchase of these items in Northern Ireland.”

WSTA chief executive Jeremy Beadles said he hoped the Chancellor would follow suit in the UK Budget on April 22.

“I hope the Chancellor will take heed of the decision and announce a duty freeze and an end to the tax escalator ,” he said.

OLN last week joined Clink Wines’ Le Beast in marching on Downing Street to fight against drink duty hikes.

Editor Rosie Davenport took details of our text campaign to Number 10, alongside Le Beast, which secured access to march on Downing Street through its Pound a Bottle campaign, and presented views from consumers that duty is too high.

Davenport said: “It’s about time the government understood the implications continued duty hikes are having on the trade and consumers. There couldn’t be a more powerful way to convey this message than by physically taking the weight of industry and public disapproval right to the government’s door.”

Help us to put more pressure on the government by asking customers to text ‘ENOUGH’ to 82055. Whether you’re a retailer or supplier, please send us a text, too – each one counts.

OLN will not make any profit, but mobile phone providers will charge the cost of a standard text – about 10p.

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