Sovio Rosé hits UK market

Sovio has launched a 5.5% abv Sparkling White Zinfandel Rosé, which has gained its first listing in Tesco priced £4.99 for a 75cl bottle.

Sovio recently lost a court case, with the result that it cannot describe itself as a wine because its alcohol level is under the EU's 9% abv technical standard for wines. The ruling meant the Californian product needed new marketing materials.

Sovio recently commissioned what it describes as "the largest known consumer research project into the lower alcohol wine category".

General manager Tony Cass said: "Findings illustrate an overwhelming demand for a lighter style of drink that delivers all the aroma and flavour of a good wine.

"This has the potential to grow the wine market as a whole: consumers who previously would have shied away from higher alcohol wines at certain times, such as lunchtimes or summer afternoons, now have a viable lower-alcohol wine alternative.”

A 25cl pack is also available.