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10 April, 2009

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Q My ancient pricing gun has finally given out. Should I replace it or is my assistant right

to say that price stickers look cheap on wine?

A I'm with your assistant. In my experience

labels come off glass all too easily, and when they're applied to the label they spoil the design or obscure the text. A simple price ticket on the shelf is all you need, and it's easier t o change if you're doing a promotion .

Martin, Shropshire

A I've started creating

cardboard tags for my wines, secured to the neck by brown string . I write a short tasting note

and include the price. Customers have quickly realised that there's only one of these tags per bin, so they select wines which don't have one . The barcode, and my Epos system, do the rest. Why fiddle around with 1980s-style pricing guns?

Geoff, Ox on

Q I recently ran my first tutored tasting evening, for 12 or so people. Despite my efforts, nobody ordered anything. Is this unusual?

A I think you can count yourself a little unlucky here.

You have to ask yourself if you chose the right wines, and did a

good job of selling them. You

have to be selective about the

people you invite to these events -

and distinguish the freeloaders from the


Make people pay for their tickets or restrict admission to high-spending clients.

BH, Devon


This has happened to me on a number of occasions.

Some of the people who came along may well come back and buy some of the wines you were tasting in their own time .

Chloe, London

Q I want to brighten up my website with pictures of my wines and spirits, and the shop itself. How much should I

spend on a digital camera?

Mohammed, Lancs

Q How come grotty shops which specialise in cheap cider, pornography and toilet rolls are allowed to have signs outside saying "wine merchant"?

Gary, Oldham

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