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24 April, 2009

It was good to see Tim Atkin's article in this week's OLN (M&S fields the best formation, OLN

April 10) and I liked the metaphor. It certainly does paint a picture rather well. It is always good to get feedback on how people view us and the choices we present to our staff and customers. However, I would like to carry the metaphor on a bit and explain


we are trying to achieve

and the steps we are taking to get to our ultimate goal.

There is no doubt

the standards of the

Premiership are high and that we have one of the best leagues there is. In order for us to win the title we have to

select the best players, implement the right training and diet for the players, chose the right tactics, shout loudly enough on the touchline and sometimes trust in Lady Luck. Newcastle is an apt comparison as it has

passionate fans and has had some

managers who have not been able to get the team to play.

One has to understand that this team had a shoddy defence, leaking too many goals, and we needed to make a lot of changes in a very short space of time. I t is

hard to progress from a negative 50 goal difference to a positive 50 difference in

a short space of time. This team was also not scoring many goals

and, just like listing superlative wines, it takes time for the strikers to gain confidence in front of the goal and for the midfield to pick out the right pass.

There is no doubt in my mind that we have already achieved greater consistency in our day-to-day performance and that the fans like the new players

we have brought in. Speak to the back -room staff

and they will, I am sure, concur. We have some new strikers coming in from New Zealand soon and they will give greater fire power up front. Like Arsène Wenger, I have great confidence in my team's ability, but understand that we need to bring more

players in and gradually improve

performance over time.

The intention is to become the best team

by far, but we are under no illusions as to how hard this may be. There are some strong teams to play against. But we know what our fans expect and will constantly look for players that will deliver the kind of football

they want to see played.

Alan Shearer

(AKA Oddbins managing

director Simon Baile)

At your bidding ...

Here we go again! I noted the Asda "new" blind online auction reported in OLN ( April 10) and feel driven to write to you. Online auctions are, of course, not new and have been undertaken by many retailers over the years with varying rates of success - indeed my old company [Sainsbury's ] was one of the first to introduce them in the 1990s .

No doubt ideal for carrier bags, lorry tyres and computers, but I do reserve judgement on foods fresh and non-perishable, and wines in particular where the balance of quality and value for money is so vital, as well as supplier relationships and that oft unused word in these first years of the 21st century - partnership.

In my most humble opinion the online auction is nothing but a cop-out for weak buyers and indicates that the buying office concerned has no rapport with the supply base, and indeed doesn't seek one - working to hide behind the impersonal push of a computer button where bully -boy tactics are not exposed. I suppose there is always a supplier with a vat of old stock or a looming cash -flow problem who will agree to this highly unsatisfactory method of negotiation, but again in my experience it is amazing how many "successful" online bids are followed up with a bankrupt supplier and/or poor quality on the shelves as they seek to fulfil their online promise.

I suppose that good old -fashioned English word "no" might now be in the vocabulary of the embattled UK wine supply base?

Allan Cheesman

London W4

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