27 March, 2009

Has the recent warm snap affected sales?

"It was nice last week and sales bumped back up again - we took around £600 over the week - but now the weather has got worse it's gone flat again. I'm looking forward to having a good summer."

Sheena Elliott

Spring Bank Wines & Beers


"It's been a little bit better, but I think in general people are being pretty careful with their money still. Half-term was

OK, but overall it's not been outstanding. But we're still here so that's definitely something positive."

Matt Cardew

Cheers Bottle Shop

Braunton, Devon

"Things have been alright and we've been quite busy over the past couple of weeks. I've noticed more people have been coming in since the nice weather."

Sashi Jerath

P Jerath

Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

"I've not noticed a big difference as summer's not really arrived yet - it's still cold at the moment, so we're just getting our regular customers in. It might pick up in the near future though."

Surjeeth Kaur

P&M Stores

Porth, Mid Glamorgan

"Business has been OK, not too bad - but I think that's probably down to the general climate of finance at the moment rather than the weather."

J Bhambra

Bodyfuel Off-licence


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