Trade agrees it's had Enough

27 March, 2009

It's your duty to text

I wholeheartedly applaud OLN's Tax: Enough is Enough campaign.

I urge as many retailers as possible to display the tax burden message so

consumers are reminded just how the amount of duty can sour the taste of their favourite tipple.

The message is even more poignant when the UK wine tax is compared to that of our EU neighbours France -

see the

WSTA diagram below.

If the OLN campaign can kick-start trade action and send powerful signals to our sub-Prime Minister and his darling

Chancellor, then it will not be before time.

The trade's collective apathy in the face of salvos from the Treasury and the health police gives cause for concern. Ultimately, and paradoxically, if the consumer is more aware of how much tax they are paying, they may well be coerced into buying better quality wine, and get better value.

It's our duty to fight.

Michael Cox

UK director

Wines of Chile

Campaign gets my vote

These are pressurised times for our industry, and will be right behind

OLN to support its campaign. We will do all we can to pass on the Enough is Enough message to our customers.

Every consumer should be made aware of the impact of the Chancellor's proposed duty hikes.

The overall price increases will not necessarily assist in improving extreme drinking habits. What the move will most certainly do is reduce the pleasure of enjoying, socialising and buying drinks.

Tim Francis

Founder and managing director

Look out Darling

Wells and Young's fully supports OLN's campaign to alert the government

about the extortionate levels of tax facing the industry.

I urge the Chancellor to seriously consider his decision at the budget in April. He cannot hide behind the


excuse any longer. Education is the key to solving this.


industry can no longer be burdened with the alarming levels of tax this government has imposed . If so,

thousands of jobs will be at risk because businesses, from retailers to suppliers, will not be able to cope with any future increase.

Enough is enough.

Nigel McNally

Managing director

Wells and Young's Brewing Company

n Join OLN's Tax: Enough is Enough campaign. The trade and consumers can make their voice heard by texting "ENOUGH" to 82055.

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