Consumer-friendly reserva rolled out

27 March, 2009

Guy Anderson Wines is launching Anciano, a 2001 Gran Reserva Tempranillo from Valdepeñas that has been aged for seven years. The wine has won a listing in Waitrose, where it will appear in the next few weeks, priced £6.99.

The brand also has a 1998 vintage that has been aged for 10 years - but it has sold out in the US and Germany after getting a 90-point rating in the Wine Advocate .

Guy Anderson said: "We know there is a huge and fiercely loyal market for these mature, oak-aged wines. But

there is some confusion

regarding the precise meaning of 'reserva' or 'crianza' because the ageing rules vary between Spanish DOs. Anciano makes it simple for the consumer to understand what they are buying."

Anciano 2003, aged for five years, is in Tesco priced £5.99.


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