Thatchers blush cider introduced
Published:  27 March, 2009

Thatchers is launching a rosť version of its Katy single varietal cider.

The rosť cider takes its blush colour from the fruit rather than additives, which managing director Martin Thatcher claim s is a first for the industry.

"The technique of taking colour from the fruit is borrowed f rom the wine industry and we have carefully adapted it for our cider production."

The drink is bottled at 5.4% abv, lower than the existing Katy at 7.4%, and packaged in a wine-style


It has an rrp of £3.79 and is being targeted at "the aspiring professional female who loves to socialise," said Thatcher.

Thatcher added: "We have always thrived on coming up with new ideas that will keep the industry moving forward and our customers wanting more .

"In today's market, it is essential that we continue to innovate and broaden the customer base."

Thatchers is also bottling its 2008 Vintage cider in 50cl bottles for the first time.

The cider has an abv of 7.4% and recommended retail prices are £1.69 for the new size and £2.19 for the existing 75cl pack.


50cl bottle will help drive trial purchase of

the brand," said Thatcher.

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