22 January, 2010

There’s not been a big increase in people coming in and asking for wines below 11% abv, but more and more customers who regularly used to drink the big wines at 14.5% abv are looking for something a bit lower, say around 12.5% abv. There are only a few people that specifically ask for low-alcohol wines.”?Tim Marriott?Taste Fine? Wines?Almondbury?Huddersfield??“We’ve not really ha?d people asking for lower-alcohol wines for 18 months or so.

People used to ask? if it was high alcohol, but now they’re probably looking themselves. Also they’ve realised that within the New World wine?making style wines aren’t coming in below 12.5% abv. People just aren’t enjoying wines with that high abv – they’re too heavy and big. You can have a glass but you wouldn’t have a bottle.”?Gavin Deaville?Handford Wines?London??“We’re not actually. We only have maybe two or three customers that actually come in and ask for lower-alcohol wines. I suppose it’s because our customers are very regular and just go for what they’ve bought in the past. It’s more common to see customers coming in for something like Shloer, which is similar to wine but without the alcohol.”?John Cartwright?Stanpit Wine Merchants?Christchurch?Dorset??“We don’t particularly sell

ow-alcohol wines per se?, but we’ve got a good range of German wines that tend to be lower alcohol. We’ve always sold a fair number of those, but people aren’t specifically asking for German wine because of its lower abv. If anything, people are asking for more alcohol in their wines.”?Kevin Griffin?Maison Du Vin?Cranbrook?Kent

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Richard Hemming MW: beware inverse snobbery

Few things can bring communal pleasure so intimately as wine. Apart from a hot tub, perhaps. Sport can trigger mass jubilation, film gives us shared empathy, but wine has a nigh-unique ability to bestow conviviality among us through a shared bottle – which makes it especially galling that we spend so much time divided over it.

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