Heritage motivates fine wine consumers

28 April, 2010

Heritage and provenance are the biggest motivating factors for fine wine consumers, according to new research from Wine Intelligence.

But fine wine purchasers are less concerned with the ethical credentials of producers and the scarcity of fine wine, according to the research revealed at the Fine Wine 2010 conference hosted by the Consejo Regulador de la Denominacion de Origin of the Ribera del Duero region, and managed by Wine Intelligence.

Lulie Halstead, chief executive of Wine Intelligence, said: "If you don't have history, if you're new, it's clearly a problem how you can overcome that as a producer, distributor or a retailer. You have to find a way to reassure consumers who are looking for heritage as the first thing when they are buying fine wine."

The provenance associated with a region is next on fine wine consumers' lists when buying wine, followed by the hand-crafted nature of production, critical acclaim, family-owned credentials and rarity. Ethical credentials were seventh and last on the list of major motivators for fine wine consumers.

"Rarity is really or those who consider themselves to be collectors and ethical is certainly a calculation that people make but is not a deal maker or deal breaker."

Halstead said that retailers and producers ignored the contribution of occasional fine wine consumers at their peril.

"There are 7 million consumers of luxury or super-premium wines and they account for 13% of the total spend on wine in the UK, but that means there are an awful lot of pounds being handed over that aren't in the fine wine category."

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