14 May, 2010

Customers havenít actually requested different packaging, but they do ask for organic and local wines, and some will only buy wines that come from Europe and nothing from further afield. Weíve been offered a wine in a plastic bottle by one of our suppliers but weíre undecided on the subject because glass is recyclable and plastic is harder to recycle. We get asked for low-sulphur wines, but Iím not convinced this isnít triggered by health concerns rather than an environmental point of view.Ē?Emma Richards?Best Cellars?Ashburton, Devon??ďThereís an interest in organic and biodynamic wines, but thereís less interest in wines which lower your carbon footprint. Weíve got a Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc which states on the label that it is zero carbon, but itís not something customers are saying is a reason for choosing wine.Ē?Peter Prescott?The Wine Library?Aldgate, London??ďI donít think itís on their radar. A couple of organic and biodynamic wines are popular but people donít come in to specifically ask for environmentally friendly wines. Itís probably more the trade thatís interested in lightweight bottles than the general public. We seem to regard it as more of an issue.Ē?Mark Archer?Vinology?Stratford-upon-Avon??ďI would say we have a section of our clientele who are interested in environmentally friendly wines. Of those, two-thirds think about?the additives and health, and reactions to wine rather than the overall ethical thing. We currently have a selection of about 12-15 green wines plus ones in the main display, itís something we are very keen on. Iím s ure there are some suppliers who are organic but not certified, so we probably sell more ecological wines than?we know.Ē?Tom Jarvis?Bottle Apostle?Hackney, London

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Richard Hemming MW asks: what’s the next step for indies?

In the not-too-distant future, when all humans are born with inbuilt VR headsets and Trump is Supreme Commander of the Known Universe, how will students of wine look back on the present era of retail in the UK? And, in such a dystopian world, why would anyone care?

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