House to shake up Sainsbury’s own-label

17 May, 2010

Sainsbury’s has launched what BWS head Justin James describes as “the biggest single change to our own-brand proposition since the 1990s”.

The supermarket is introducing a new entry-level House wine range next month in a bid to give “less confident customers shortcuts”, according to James.

The range will comprise “classic grape varieties and classic wine styles”, such as Soave at £3.29, Zinfandel rosé at £4.29, Chianti at £3.89 and Rioja at £3.99.

A selection of the wines will also be available in 1.5-litre glass and PET bottles, and in a 3-litre bag-in-box.

Sainsbury’s is embarking on a major in-store revamp across its entire estate. It has revealed plans to completely overhaul how it merchandises wine in every store by the end of June, with the range split into distinct sections.

A new bay, called Everyday Favourites, will feature “an edited choice covering the main wine styles”, according to James. House will sit exclusively in this bay.

The section will be divided by style, not country, following a trial in six stores, as OLN reported in February.

Each wine will be categories into one of six styles, denoted by a coloured disc on shelf edges: crisp and delicate, soft and fruity, and complex and elegant for white; light and fruity, smooth and mellow, and rich and complex for reds.

Another new bay will be Case Deals, dedicated to six-bottle purchases. A New Arrivals section will feature up to 15 wines at any time and will be updated every nine weeks. Rosé wines will be grouped, carrying a pink sticker or one denoting either of the six styles.

The bulk of the retailer’s range will be shelved in a section called Our Cellar, divided by country of origin. Some premium wines will be displayed in wooden wine boxes.

“Where we have fallen down in the past is in assuming we have one type of customer,” James said. “We are breaking down the fixture into different executions that appeal to different customers and encourages them to come back to the aisle.”

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