Youth group calls for drinks ad ban
Published:  19 March, 2010

A ban on alcohol ads has been backed by an advisory body of young people feeding views to the Scottish government.

The Youth Commission on Alcohol, which is made up of 16 volunteers aged between 14 and 22, has come up with 38 recommendations.

These include an increase in test purchasing, a possible roll-out of Challenge 25 and a ban on advertising alcohol.

Its report said: “Commissioners recommend that Scotland lobbies the UK government to aspire towards a complete ban on all marketing of alcohol in widely used media and public areas, particularly those media and public areas which are likely to be attractive to young people.

“The Youth Commission acknowledges that this is likely to be controversial. Even if agreed that this is desirable, the

egislation and policy work required to implement this is hugely ambitious. That is why this is recommended as a long-term aspiration for Scotland and the UK.”?Scottish ministers contacted independent charity Young Scot last year to find volunteers as part of its policy to “support young people to make suggestions for policy and action to change Scotland’s culture in relation to alcohol”.

The group’s findings were handed to the minister for public health Shona Robison.

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