19 March, 2010

For us, the screwcap has been the best invention since the wheel. We do a lot of wholesale business and all our customers ask for them because of ease of opening. If we discuss a new wine list it’s the first thing they want to know. Of course, it’s not going to work for top Bordeaux wines but for everyday wines it’s been brilliant. We have far fewer complaints than we used to.”?Steve Jay?Fraziers, Birmingham??“It’s not something customers talk about much. Ease of screwcap would be the thing if they do, rather than cork taint. It’s good for people who might be staying in a local B&B. I’m a traditionalist myself – I like the draw of a cork. I know the cork industry is doing a lot of work around different parts of the tree and trying to improve the quality. That would be something I’d sign up to if it succeeded.”?Nick Jenkin?Bentley’s, Ludlow, Shropshire??“We don’t get a lot of feedback. The people who would buy wines with a screwcap might not give it a lot of thought anyway. It’s the standard closure in somewhere like New Zealand but we deal in fine wines so pretty much everything is bottled with cork, and for the Old World I don’t really see that changing.”?Cameron Christie?Uncorked, City of London??“People asking for specific closures is a thing of the past. They are becoming a lot more accepting of progress and quality assurance. I suppose if we select a premium wine for a customer that has a Stelvin closure they might be surprised initially, but they’re always very positive.” Mark Dent?Hanging Ditch, Manchester??“There are a few customers who come in that ask specifically for screwcap wine but they’re not a big percentage. I don’t think people are too bothered about it.”?Mark Brown?Wine & Whisky Shop?Glasgow

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There's not going to be a campaign for that for much longer

The campaign name There’s A Beer For That may have got cynics like me trying to think of things there wasn’t a beer for, but broadly speaking it was a force for good.

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Is blended Scotch overshadowed by single malt in retailers?

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