Local brewers drive sales via web

05 March, 2010

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are helping drive sales of local brewers’ brands, according to a new report from the Society of Independent Brewers.

Almost a third of 200 SIBA members surveyed said they were using the sites as marketing tools, and around 14% of SIBA companies’ marketing spend is going into websites and other digital activity.

Spend on digital activity is around the same as that on traditional POS.

However, three out of four SIBA brewers sa?id they spend less than 5% of their sales turnover on marketing.

Volume sales of packaged beer from Britain’s local brewers rose 16% last year, according to the report.

But more is sold through brewery shops or their own websites (22%) than through supermarkets (21%) or independent off-licences (19%).

Multiple off-licence sales collapsed after the demise of First Quench.

Farm shops and farmers’ markets together account for 14% of bottled ale sales for SIBA members.

SIBA said its survey showed an average increase in individual sales turnover of 16.8%, with combined volume growth of 3.7%.

Packaged beer volumes accounted for 15.6% of total SIBA company sales.

Some 75% of members reported sales growth in 2009.

Chief executive Julian Grocock said: “?More than 60% of our members were founded after 2000, so the current recession is the most severe they have traded through.

“That the vast majority managed a sales uplift last year and are anticipating the same in 2010 speaks volumes about the resilience and resourcefulness of the UK’s quality independent brewers.”

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