PPL refunds in the pipeline
Published:  08 June, 2010

Retailers who play music in their stores can now apply for refunds from PPL, following last year’s legal ruling that fees were excessive.

The decision of the Copyright Tribunal, which heard that some licence fees more than doubled in 2005, is expected to result in around £20 million being refunded to retailers. Ongoing savings will amount to an expected £5 million a year.

PPL’s appeal against the ruling failed, and the body – which collects fees on behalf of record companies – has now sent letters to all its current licensees. Former licensees should receive correspondence by mid-June.

PPL will only make payments of £50 and above once it has assessed claims.

The most recent tariff for background music in shops – issued following the tribunal, which capped increases at 10% – stipulates that retailers with an audible area of up to 600 square metres should pay an annual fee of £109.75.

Stores with an audible area of 50 square metres or less, which only use traditional radio or TV broadcasts, qualify for a 50% discount.

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