Diversity on Aussie radar

05 February, 2010

Wine Australia head Lisa McGovern has pledged to “use varieties to highlight regional diversity” in future marketing campaigns.

The generic body will push forward with plans to introduce consumers to Australia’s different grape varieties in an effort to demonstrate “the stylistic difference between the regions”, said McGovern.

Her comments come after Australian Vintage withdrew its support from Wine Australia’s UK programme. It claimed the generic body’s marketing strategy was flawed because it was focusing on regionality rather than style and variety.

McGovern said: “Australia has this amazing diversity. We want to give consumers the tools to start discovering and make comparisons between the regions. There’s no one generic style. It’s about giving people compelling reasons why they should look to Australia’s wines.”?Chardonnay will be one of the key varieties Wine Australia uses to show the country’s development of styles, according to McGovern. “There’s been a really exciting evolution of style in Chardonnay. There’s a definite sense that consumers are in love with it again – it’s not Bridget Jones anymore, it’s more rich and complex.”?This week’s annual Australia Day Tasting in London included a blind tasting of 50 Chardonnays.

McGovern added that Aussie wines have swung away from the “big, full-bodied blockbusters” of the past to the more restrained European styles.

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