Peroni ad complaint rejected?

09 July, 2010

A Miller Brands poster has been spared the chop by the Advertising Standards Authority.

It showed a Vespa scooter and a bottle of Peroni beer, which a complainant claimed was “irresponsible”. The member of the public who complained believed it linked alcohol with youth culture and could promote drink-driving.

But Miller Brands said it was dedicated to responsible drinking and would never promote drink-driving.

The image of the Vespa had been chosen for its recognisable status as a symbol of Italian design, that “underscored the prestige and Italian heritage of the Peroni brand”, and the company did not consider the image of a 1960s Vespa had any special associations for under-18s.

A spokeswoman for Miller Brands said the target age group for Peroni advertising was 25 to 34 year olds, and it went to great lengths to ensure poster sites were not near schools or places popular with young people.

“We used an agency to ensure the posters were positioned in areas where, according to census data, at least 75% of the people seeing them were over 18,” she added.

The ASA decided not to uphold the complaint as the Vespa was not moving, the bottle of beer had its top on and no one was shown drinking. It concluded the ad did not link alcohol with youth culture or promote drink-driving.

Meanwhile, a new short film has been created by Italian film director Gabriele Muccino, in association with Peroni. Entitled Senza Tempo (Timeless) it forms the basis of Peroni Nastro Azzurro’s through-the-line activity which goes live in August.

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