New sweets are real Goody-goodies

09 July, 2010

A range of gummy sweets under the Goody Good Stuff name has been launched by the eponymous brand owner.

The supplier says the sweets are made only from natural ingredients, including a plant-derived biogum which removes the need for meat-based gelatine.

They are certified vegetarian, vegan, kosher and halal, as well as being nut, dairy and gluten-free.

There are eight flavours in the range: Cheery Cherries; Cola Breeze; Strawberry Cream; Sour Fruit Salad; Tropical Fruit; Koala Gummy Bears, Summer Peaches and Sour Mix & Match.

Goody Good Stuff director Melissa Burton said: “Not only do we expect the brand to become the popular treat of choice for consumers with specific dietary requirements, we feel the range’s exciting flavour combinations, natural ethos and stand-out packaging will attract mainstream sweet lovers while reassuring parents buying treats for their kids.

“Although there are many conflicting opinions on the risks of gelatine made from animal by-products, for me it simply comes down to the fact that if consumers have a choice between a great-tasting sweet made from natural ingredients or one packed with artificial flavours and gelatine made from bones and sinew, I’m confident they will make the Goody Good choice.”?The launch is being backed by a consumer campaign around food events.

Booths and Asda are among stockists of the sweets, which come in 100g snack packs with an rrp between 99p and £1.49.

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