Corks Out sells wine to drink on-premise

24 August, 2010

Cheshire wine merchant Corks Out has started selling wine to drink on the premises, using Enomatic wine dispensers.

Four of the independent retailer's five branches are being equipped with the machines and have licences allowing the consumption of wine on the premises as part of a sub-brand called Taste.

The branch at Alderley Edge already has two machines fitted, and Chester is on course to have six machines installed by mid-September.

Customers can sample any number of wines, using the swipe card system. They can also purchase larger sample measures to share as well as 125ml and 175ml glasses to consume in a seating area. They are also able to purchase a bottle of the wine from the shelf and consume on the premises for a corkage charge of £3.50.

Owner Ruth Yates said: “What we’re trying to do with Taste is encourage consumers to try wines they would not normally choose to buy.

“People often get in a wine rut, buying the same bottle of Pinot Grigio or Bordeaux again and again. This way, they can explore new flavours, discover delicious alternatives to their tried and trusted repertoire and find out a little more about what’s in the glass from our knowledgeable team.

“We’re also aiming to create a relaxed atmosphere to entice our customers to stay and consume a glass of wine. We’re not trying to be a wine bar; the emphasis is still very much retail, but we believe that tasting and exploring is the best way to sell wine.”

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