Cask Marque’s updated app targets the home ale drinker

01 October, 2010

The Cask Marque pub ale quality initiative is aiming to use the second generation of its Cask Finder phone app to improve consumer education on bottled ale in the off-trade.

The app will allow users to receive information about brands and breweries by zapping the barcode on a bottle.

Paul Nunny, Cask Marque chief executive, said he hoped to persuade retailers to provide more shelf-edge information about ale in-store, and suppliers to add tasting notes to shelf-ready packaging.

The focus will be on tasting notes under the Cyclops initiative, which aims to provide standardised, easy-to-understand ratings of beers’ different flavour aspects.

Nunny said the app was being made available for android as well as iPhone use and current users’ average dwell time was 13 minutes.

“We think we will have 50,000 users within 18 months, which will allow us to approach retailers and suppliers and say ‘there are all these people interested in accessing this information’.

“It will give us evidence to persuade supermarkets to think about how they organise their beers. It’s more about grouping styles of beer together than by breweries.”?Dave Spencer, Fuller’s brands marketing manager, said: “One of the big trends in the ale industry over the past decade has been the growth of really good quality ale at supermarkets. Given that more and more people are drinking at home, communication about real ale is going to be important in pubs and in the home.

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