Cadbury shells out on its eggs

Cadbury is putting £5 million in marketing support behind its Cadbury Creme Egg brand from January 1.

The advertising and POS campaign will run for an unusually long promotional period as Easter Sunday does not fall until April 24 next year.

The push will be themed Goo Dares Wins, and is designed to tap into Cadbury’s Spots v Stripes campaign aimed at encouraging people to engage in competitive games.

It follows the 2010 Here Today, Goo Tomorrow campaign in communicating the limited time period when Creme Eggs are available.

Large shell eggs containing a Creme Egg of Mini Eggs and a free frisbee-like flying disc will be on sale to push the Spots v Stripes campaign theme.

“We will be injecting more magic into Easter by tying in the Spots v Stripes theme and encouraging consumers to have fun and play games together during the Easter period,” said trade communications manager Susan Nash.

Cadbury is also introducing new box designs across its shell egg range, and reduced packaging for medium and large eggs in a drive to be more green. Eggs will feature less cardboard packaging and plastic fittings are being removed. The extra treats supplied with the products will be put inside the eggs rather than packed in a separate container.

New products will include a large Caramel Bunnies shell egg, backed by a £1 million above-the-line investment, in addition to small Freddo and Curly Wurly shell eggs containing a chocolate bar and a cuddly toy.

Cadbury will continue its sponsorship of the National Trust Easter Egg trails for a fourth year.